Baby Kicks Not Found on Route 66

July 18th, 2012

Feeling Max kick throughout the day is always a fun surprise. But when I can force it to happen at will, I’m a happy, controlling camper. I found The best way to get him revved up is to bump a little music through my iPhone speakers by placing them directly on my soccer ball sized uterus (No worries. That means safely near my belly button).

So which band or artist is the one to get Little Max all revved up?

Based on my musical inclinations, some might assume it’s the melodic talents of Weezer.

Based on Graeme’s playlist, others might guess it’s Rush -thanks mostly in part to Neil Peart’s fierce drum talents.

You, sir or madam, are no Gregor Mendel. (If you clicked that link, this blog is proving very educational with its anatomical and genetical references). Lo and behold, the one artist to get him moving is [Neil Peart 40 minute drum roll here…]