Photos & Videos

February 5th, 2013

Yes we take 300 photos a day. No we won’t subject you to all of them. However, the album below highlights a few of our favorites. Click through to peruse.



Max’s first giggles, around four-months of age.


Max at his six-month checkup, discovering the examination table paper.

Mom getting some giggles with her fit of hiccups. Max is about six-months here.

Max is really starting to talk! Also about six-months old.

Neil Peart watch out! Max is 7-months old.

Max composing his first horror movie score. He is about 9-months old here.

Ah, discovering how to make funny sounds is enjoyable for the whole family. Max is about 11-months old.

He’s not walking yet but put him behind his stroller and watch out! He is just now figuring out how to back-up when he runs into a wall. Max is about 11-months old here, too.

Max, now almost a year old, is learning how to dance, wave, and vocalize!