Month 3

January 22nd, 2013

Max is growing like a champ! He’s well over 12 pounds and is quickly outgrowing most of his clothes. He loves tummy time and tries to reach for objects now. Gone are the days of randomly smacking himself in the face (well, not entirely gone). Now Max can use his hands to grab and play with toys.

There was lots of fun to be had this month. Moa and Pop Pop came down for TWO weeks during the holidays and gave Max all the love and attention he could handle. For Christmas, he was spoiled by all his relatives, but fell asleep for the festivities. New Year’s Eve was also an early night for him. After mastering hands, who needs holidays? Not Max.

My favorite memory from this month was hearing his first giggle. There have been plenty of coos and plenty of smiles, but when you hear that first laugh – it’s beyond awesome. Max is a such a low-key, happy baby.


Month three was full of firsts for Max:

Christmas (Zonked out)

New Year’s (Zonked out)

Nursery School (Teacher’s Pet!)

First Cold (Hazard of Nursery School)

First Giggle (He really loves bath time)

5 Hours of Sleep in a Row (Mom and Dad are eternally grateful)



November 15th, 2012

When I first registered at Babies R Us, they suggested I request no less than five changing pad covers.
I wrote it off as excessive, frivolous, and a cheap ploy to milk me and my loved ones for more money.

However, three weeks into baby-dom and I have this to say: Register for ten.

A Kick in the Head

August 2nd, 2012

It’s been great fun (and with a small amount of fascination) that I watch and feel little Max get more and more active. We read recently that about this time, I might be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat. So, one evening as I was chatting with Max (and not getting much of a response), I thought maybe I should try to hear his heartbeat. I put my ear to Trish’s belly, and didn’t hear anything except her breathing and perhaps my own heartbeat.

I think Max (the sneaky bugger) was waiting for this moment, and swiftly roundhouse kicked Trish’s womb, and my head just on the other side of it.

Ain’t That a Kick in the Head…