Months 4 through 12 Anybody?

November 4th, 2013

So, a funny thing happened on the way to update the blog. Or rather, DIDN’T happen. Between us both working full-time jobs, taking care of a baby, and finding time (what’s that?) to retain a sense of normalcy, we’ve neglected cyberspace. Rather than bore you posts that I backdated in order to look like I had them waiting in my drafts folder the whole time…we’ll pretend I’m doing you a favor by rolling all these fabulous, event-filled months, into one blog.

So here goes:

Month 4 – We have a roller! Max is regularly rolling from front to back, and occasionally from back to front. Those pesky, but adorably chubby baby arms seem to get in the way every time. He loves, loves, loves Sophie, his activity mat, magic blanket and wubba-nub (all covered in a previous post).


Learning to love the camera as much as it loves him.

Month 5 – Those pesky chubby arms that got in the way of rolling? Pfft. Old news. Max can now roll every which way! He’s full of smiles and quite the charmer. Ladies in his presence swoon. Men bow down in awe. Or something along those lines. The best part about this month? SLEEP! 7.5 hours? Boo-yah. The worst part about this month? EAR INFECTION. A minor cold morphed into a full-blown infection and Max had to take his first round of antibiotics. He took it like a champ and never lost his smile.

Tucson Festival of Books. Putting the "fly" in flyleaf.

Tucson Festival of Books. Putting the “fly” in flyleaf.

Month 6 – Spring is in full bloom and Max is growing like a weed. He experienced his first Easter ever with the grandparents in Sedona. The bunny costume? Beyond cute. At this point we’ve realized Max has the gift of gab. He babbled quite a bit before. However, this month…he wakes up at 4 a.m. to talk to himself. Seems everyone can’t get enough of Max. Even him.

Max pulling off bunny chic better than Peter Cotton-Whosit.

Max pulling off bunny chic better than Peter Cotton-Whosit.

Month 7 – This kid is on the move! I thought crawling was impressive. Yet, in just a few short weeks he is able to sit-up, army crawl and scoot. We also took Max in the pool for the first time ever. He couldn’t get enough. We all love pool time because the buoyancy helps alleviate the strain of hauling around an 18-lb. baby. Max starts to chew on everything he can find: coasters, dog bowls (don’t worry, they were cleaned beforehand) and his parent’s arms. We soon find out why when we see his first tooth emerge!

Total waterbug.

Total waterbug.

Month 8 – Max pulls himself up on everything. He’s tasted the freedom that crawling has given him; he now wants to walk. With his second new tooth popping through, he’s exploring all kinds of foods: puffs, apples, blueberries, sweet potatoes. This month also brings forth another dreaded sickness: Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. Otherwise known as “%$@#%$@#  %$@%@$   @%$@%@” disease. With blisters emerging on his limbs and mouth, life is pretty miserable for a solid week. This sickness is brutal and raged like a wildfire through the daycare. 10 out of 12 kids in his class were down for the count.

Max showing you how to keep cool in the desert heat.

Max showing you how to keep cool in the desert heat.

Month 9 – The cute levels at this stage are beyond description. Max claps, babbles, explores, hides, and mimics what he hears. This month also marked his first plane ride, first trip out of state and first trip to the beach! This kid is going places…but only in the safety of our laps.

The puffs as teeth get me every time...

The puffs as teeth get me every time…

Month 10 – Max is super interactive. He loves to clap, dance, wave, wiggle – you name it, he’s on it. His favorite word to use is “Uh-ohhhhh” which is a relief because my sailor mouth could have created a much more dire circumstance. This month we also took a baby sign class to learn key phrases such as, “Milk,” “More,” and “Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?” Max catches on a like the baby pro he is.

At least half ended up in his belly.

At least half ended up in his belly.

Month 11 – Now that he knows sign language, Max can demand things so much more efficiently. MORE puffs. MORE MILK. MORE MORE MORE. Some of his favorite discoveries this month include the bouncy-ness of rubber balls, the float-aculer appeal of bubbles and the refreshing taste of cucumbers. All the parents from daycare class love Max because he waves and smiles to them as they come and go. Mr. Congeniality.

Twice as cute without food on his face!

Twice as cute without food on his face!

Month 12 – Wait a minute. A near-toddler is in our midst. WhoWhatWhenWhereWhy and most importantly – How?! As we prep for the birthday festivities, Max is cruising around the house pushing objects with him for stability. He loves chicken, cheerios and Megablocks. It’s hard to believe that he’s such a little boy now. G and I regularly fawn over his baby photos and marvel at the changes we’ve been fortunate enough to experience.

Striking a pose.

Striking a pose.

This first year has been amazing. G and I have been growing there right along with him. We’ve learned how to change diapers, survive on mere hours of sleep, multi-task with one-hand, and love wholly and unconditionally.

Thank you, Max.

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  1. Mema on November 6, 2013 2:22 am

    Hard to choose my favorite video but have to admit the “spitting” one had me laughing out loud. This is a little bundle of joy and happiness named MAX – which is perfectly appropriate! Can’t wait to see what he is up to next !

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