Month 2

December 22nd, 2012

Ok. We got this.

Graeme and I can swiftly change diapers, rock Max to sleep in record time, and do many household chores using only one hand. I can’t tell you what songs are popular on the radio or what is currently in theaters, but I can quickly recall mundane details about laundry soap, formula types, and breast pumps. Chyeah, I’m that boring.

I returned to work after only six weeks on leave, which meant it was now Graeme’s turn to take over for the remaining six. It was an easy transition and it turns out that Graeme is the best Mister Mom in the world.

The best parts about month two are the rewards. Max now smiles at us all the time, coos, and wants to interact constantly. He is no longer in the larva stage, but now the pupa.

In the second month Max:

Loses his umbilical cord stump (I hope G writes a blog about this one. Good story)

Establishes a favorite blanket (i.e. the Magic Blanket = Insta-sleep)

Has his first official full bath (Goodbye sponge baths!)

Meets Mema for the first time

Max’s First Bath

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