Max’s Debut

December 27th, 2012

Around mid-October, I was getting the unmistakable pregnancy waddle. Sleeping was increasingly uncomfortable, swelling caused my feet to look like balloons and my hands to ache from carpal tunnel symptoms, and anything on the floor, well, it just stayed there or was kicked out of sight. I expected to continue this trend well into November since this was my first pregnancy and I was certain Max would show up a week past his due date of October 25.

However, being a type A personality, I figured I could push things up a bit.

I was right.

Apparently, a night of hot wings and a long morning walk did the trick. By Sunday evening, I was feeling contractions. I wasn’t sure if they were the real thing or Braxton Hicks. By ten p.m. I could no longer sleep and was Googling “Should I go into work with contractions?” I started timing them. They were definitely getting stronger and were pacing at 5 minutes apart.

Then, the big moment. My water broke. 11:30 p.m. “Expletive. Expletive. Expletive. Expletive.”

I ran to wake up Graeme, “Um, we need to go to the hospital.” Our bags were packed, the diaper bag was ready, the birth plan and insurance papers were firmly in hand. We scrambled to the car.

Game face.

We arrived at the hospital a little past midnight and were the only two patients in the maternity ward. Not one to pass up opportunity, I quickly asked, “Can we have the biggest room?”

As they checked us in, I could really feel the contractions. It was getting harder to concentrate and I needed to focus on my breathing. Luckily, Graeme was right there to help me and keep things moving. We were going to meet our little boy soon!

That’s when things took a turn for the worse. The nurses noticed my blood pressure was going up. It was stellar all through pregnancy and I certainly felt fine, but their charts indicated otherwise. Apparently, I was developing symptoms of preeclampsia during labor. That happens? This was not in my birth plan.

Then, Max decided to speed up the whole delivery process. I dilated from 2 to 5 centimeters in less than an hour. Soon after that, I was at 7. The contractions were big now. So big, that when one would happen, Max’s heart rate would drop. WHAT?!

The nurses would quickly rush in, checking monitors, flipping me on my side, putting new bags of fluids in my IV, and telling me to focus on breathing from an oxygen mask. Max’s heart rate was pacing at 140 most of the time. Then 100. Then 80. Then…40.

40. Those moments felt like an eternity. Time slowed with his heart rate.

This wasn’t working. Max was stressed. Any labor progress I made was quickly diminishing. The million people (hyperbole!) staring down at me in the room suggested I take the leap.


After 7 hours of controlled, yet panicked labor and at the advice of the surrounding doctors and medical professionals, I agreed to take the leap. My dreams of bouncing on a labor ball and getting massages flew out the window hours ago anyway. It was time to get serious. My birth plan was toilet paper.

It’s amazing how quickly a medical team can prep you for surgery. Within minutes I was in the OR. I was frightened. I had never had surgery before. Ever. 3 minutes is not enough time to mentally prepare for this sort of thing. Luckily, I had an amazing husband and medical team by my side. Graeme held my hand. The doctors talked me through everything. And then…


I couldn’t see him, but I could hear his cry. They quickly brought him around the sheet to show me. I bawled.

That moment.

The moment you meet your destiny.

You experience past, present, and future all in one tiny, but significant moment.

Screw the dreams of a perfect labor, what really mattered was my perfect baby.

Maxwell Winter Hunt, born October 22, 2012 at 10:33 a.m. at University Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona.


Love him!


Month 2

December 22nd, 2012

Ok. We got this.

Graeme and I can swiftly change diapers, rock Max to sleep in record time, and do many household chores using only one hand. I can’t tell you what songs are popular on the radio or what is currently in theaters, but I can quickly recall mundane details about laundry soap, formula types, and breast pumps. Chyeah, I’m that boring.

I returned to work after only six weeks on leave, which meant it was now Graeme’s turn to take over for the remaining six. It was an easy transition and it turns out that Graeme is the best Mister Mom in the world.

The best parts about month two are the rewards. Max now smiles at us all the time, coos, and wants to interact constantly. He is no longer in the larva stage, but now the pupa.

In the second month Max:

Loses his umbilical cord stump (I hope G writes a blog about this one. Good story)

Establishes a favorite blanket (i.e. the Magic Blanket = Insta-sleep)

Has his first official full bath (Goodbye sponge baths!)

Meets Mema for the first time

Max’s First Bath