Month 1

November 22nd, 2012

We made it. We survived the first month. It’s all a blur. A long, sleep-deprived blur. All the baby books, well-intentioned advice, and babysitting practice cannot prepare you for what is in store for those first four weeks.

Basically, babies eat every two to three hours. If you’re lucky. And if they happen to be sleeping longer than three hours, you have to wake them up to feed them anyway. Life for the first four weeks is all about input and output. You hope to capture special moments and milestones on camera. However, the only thing you’ll be keeping record of is what goes in…and what comes out.

Don’t get me wrong, parenthood is fabulous.

Exhausting, yet exhilarating. Stressful, yet blissful.

We honestly can’t remember what life was like before Max. It feels like he’s been a part of our lives since the beginning. Like he was always meant to be ours. So far, only the dogs disagree.

In the first month Max:
Found His Hands
Had His first Thanksgiving in Sedona

Max’s First Turkey Day!

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