The Great Baby-Guessing Game

July 18th, 2012

I think early on Trish and I both agreed that we’d like to know the sex of the baby. Yes, it does take some of the surprise out of it, but I think with all the planning and preparing it’s just better to know up-front. So while we knew we wanted to know, we wanted to make it special, and that’s when Trish found out about baby gender-reveal parties.

What the heck is a baby reveal party? Turns out, it’s pretty darned cool.

The big day of the sonogram, we told the technician to NOT tell us, and write down the sex of the baby on a piece of paper. We got to see all the amazing usual stuff, head and feet and tiny little hands punching the air (obviously a future drummer). Then the technician got to that area, and she shut off our viewing monitor. With a sneaky smile, she wrote down and taped shut the sonogram image that revealed everything.  The drive to the bakery felt to be the longest in history, as we both snuck glances at the sealed sonogram image and wondered.

We took that over to Nadine’s (which is a local, AMAZING bakery that happens to be walking distance from our house). They were to bake us a cake, and depending on what the mystery-sonogram revealed, put either blue or pink filling between the layers. I especially enjoyed the staff’s reaction as they popped open the sealed secret in front of us, and all got the same sneaky smile the sonogram technician had.

A few days later, we invited 65 of our closest friends to our new home for a party hat-trick: House warming, my birthday, and the baby-reveal. We had a large sheet of paper on the wall for our guests to guess the sex of the baby, and the Girl column was slowly out-pacing the Boy column.

Then it was time to cut the cake, which (due to my birthday) was my great honor.  It was a crazy feeling cutting into that cake, wondering what color we’d see. Adrenaline-rush, cold sweats… girl or boy? AAAAAAH!  As everyone gathered around, I sliced into the cake and pulled the knife out, expecting a smear of revelation, but there was no icing on the blade to give the secret away. One more slice and I could feel the excitement in the room. Slowly, the chunk of cake fell onto an awaiting plate, revealing …

Nadine's Bakery Bakes a Great Cake!


One Response to “The Great Baby-Guessing Game”

  1. melissaannloganraiden on July 19, 2012 7:10 pm

    This was the best idea EVER!!! It made finding out the gender much more excited & it was cool that everyone got to enjoy it and see you reactions 😀 Nadine’s Bakery is AMAZING!!!

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