A Rose By Any Other Name

June 10th, 2012

Graeme and I were fairly picky when it came to choosing a name. And given the last name “Hunt,” it certainly ruled out any names or nicknames which ended with a hard “c” or “k.”

However, we knew for certain we wanted to make my maiden name the baby’s middle name. I’m the last of the Winter clan, so it’s a bit sentimental. Plus, it’s kind of cool. So far, two out of three names are chosen, we just need one more…


If the Shoe Fits

June 4th, 2012

One side effect of pregnancy is swollen feet. Due to every ligament in your body relaxing and preparing to birth watermelon-sized humans, it’s not uncommon for women to go up a shoe size. Even though I was armed with this knowledge, imagine my surprise when one morning, while attempting to wear my cutest, reddest, kittenest heeled pumps, I find that my fat pregnant foot is barely willing to squeeze into my favorite foot adornment.

I panic.

I have Hobbit feet.

I scour my closet wondering what to try on next. Flats? Flip-flops? Sneakers? What kicks are appropriate in this situation?! I’mGoingToBeLateForWorkAndMyFeetAreRidiculous. There is no way I can last a full work day in shoes that feel two sizes too small.